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Deeply disorienting experience, really captures the airport vibes!


just want to throw in a +1 request for a mac version (or Switch??? 👀)

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Lets say I wanted to mod the game, and I got it on Steam. Would there be a way to do that?

I'll be honest - I don't know!

I assume you'll be able to find the game files through C:/Users/(YourUsername)/AppData/Local (if you're using Windows), as I've done the same thing in the past. However I'm no expert, so maybe search Reddit if you still need help?


Any chance of a Mac version?


Hey! I'm interested in buying this game from here on itch, tho I see on the steam page that it's gotten some updates since launch. Have these all been put on the itch version as well? I ask since I don't immediately see anything about updates here, and the download file says it's "Version 1"


Heya! I can confirm the Steam version and itch version are the same - you aren't (and won't) miss out on anything buying the game through here. :)

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Aww hey thank you! I ended up buying it anyway soon after (and didn't seem to get a notification that you'd replied to me :(  ).
Love the game so far! I was surprised and wasn't really ready to see some of the darker moments of the game, but so far I've still really been enjoying it. I remember seeing the water cube on Marinara Trench and saying, out loud, "Thank you Dog Airport Game Designers!" When I realized I could float through it and to the other side. While the set pronouns haven't been as nice for me as a trans person, I see and appreciate what you were going for in terms of the relationship; I also liked the little reveal that the player character was also black.
Having to learn how to read the alien alphabet yourself was also a surprisingly fun challenge, and now I'm only missing X and Z, ahah. This is also the first time I chose to start writing things down myself on paper, both to keep track of where to go next, and for the alphabet as I figured it out.

I am so, so glad your experience was (mostly) a positive one! My favorite jokes written in the alien language are probably still in the Moth Man-themed record shop - which also happened to be one of the first stores added to the game. :)

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Sound card: Please


give me free


ok little timmy

That's really cute! :>


this looks amazing


This seems like such a bizarre but charming game. I came across this game a few months ago on Steam and I'm so curious about what the game is like!!!


why is this 20 smackerooos


It's a critically-acclaimed open-world adventure you can play for over 20 hours! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


I shall save up then.. :3


I'm a acclaimed critic and it's not worth it for that amount of money, judge for yourself, look reviews. Have a nice day.


 the players who play it can say what they think i think for 20 hours its worth 20 bucks


The game has a couple of hours of playtime, it's pretty repetitive, and it looks poorly done. Also by your logic a game where you only have to press a button without any objective for 120 hours should cost 120 bucks.


Look, if you have fun with it go ahead, I'm glad for you, but I just don't think it's worth that amount.


yeah that's your name stupid


this looks like an interesting game but i don't wanna spend 20 bucks on i