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Ellipses RPG makes tabletop role-playing more accessible than ever by focusing on chaotic, collaborative storytelling - not number crunching.


  • Streamlined, Adaptable, Accessible Ruleset

The mechanics of Ellipses RPG fit within only 3 pages of text, and are designed to work with any setting you can imagine. Role-playing newcomers can create a character within 15 minutes! Additionally, if you find yourself wanting more or less complexity, the Ellipses ruleset has built-in points of adaptability so you can create your ideal role-playing environment.

It's also free.

  • Innovative Event and Effect System

Ellipses RPG's innovative Event and Effect (or Log) system allows you to continue building your character long after their original creation. The experiences of your character, and the decisions you make, have a continuing effect on your journey through a campaign. Again, this isn't a system focused on numbers, stats, and complex abilities. It's about you, and the stories you create with others.

Did I mention that it's free?

  • Optional Session Starters Manual with Scenario Ideas!

If you choose to donate and support this system - first of all, thank you. Along with my undying gratitude, you'll receive the Session Starters manual (which will continue to be updated with more content for free in the coming months). This guide won't provide complete, pre-built worlds for you to explore. Instead, it contains over 15 separate scenario ideas to spur your own, customized adventures.

From a Victor Frankenstein/Dracula team-up to a quest to gain the trust of a sentient castle, I hope these strange universes help spark your imagination, and get a full-blown role-playing session started that much faster!



4-19-17: Added 5 new scenarios to the Session Starters manual, including 2 Jacked 2 Hack, a cyberpunk hacking, punching fantasy, and SkeleCaddies. The latter is, of course, about skeleton caddies assisting the future ruler of the Underworld in the most dangerous golf match of all time.



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